Now, everyone can predict.

Creating at Joosworks

What it is like Creating @Joosworks:

Hope: You don’t want to change the world, because everybody is busy doing that only. You want to create a better and simpler tomorrow with your technology. In short, we would say upgrade the Technology and hence the World. And that too, not for once but N times with N ranging from, one to infinity.

Belief: You can do it. For starters, start bending the impossible a little.

Passion: Now you want to do it!


When we started Joosworks, we purchased a cheaper version of dictionary (obviously being a startup you can’t afford otherwise) which has few words missing.

Words like below:

Impossible: Infact at joosworks if you believe you can forget the meaning of impossible then you are welcome aboard.

Cannot: There is a lot of fun in bending what you cannot do it to yes you can do it or now you want to do it.

Late: Time is the most prized and scarce resource which we have, so better don’t waste it.

Role & Designation: Joosworks is your playground, pick up the role which you want to do, we will invest our resources and belief in helping you achieve that.

Education Background: It has to be kept in the background. Let’s talk about what is it that you want to do and put it in your foreground. By the way, don’t be surprised if you find around a 12th standard or a poet@joosworks talking about Predictive Analytics and Technology.

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